May 7, 2017

Yes Please!

Hello fine folks!  
You know as the Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons becomes closer, the Oh Jones blog comes out of hibernation.
(Rachel's season must and will be recapped)

But I wanted to use this post to talk about something a little different.
Join me won't you?

I struggle a lot with looking at others and being legit jealous.
Saying things like, "Must be nice, to be able to have the time..." 
Or, "Jesus, we get it your skin is clear, your eyelashes can touch your forehead, you love your leggings, and you're on a trip because you're the top seller in your company, that'll never be me." 

I was feeling paralyzed by own circumstances and truly too afraid to take a risk.

I'm an extrovert for sure, but struggle with confidence.
Who doesn't, right?
It's tough to be a champion for yourself.
 Or to go outside of your comfort zone.

Amy Poehler has this quote that I have in my office, and one day it hit me a little harder than usual.

So I'm jumping in.
 I've started a new side hustle by investing in
my own slice of business with Rodan + Fields Skincare.

Some things to note about this new venture:

-I barely use make up, let alone have ever invested in skin care. We're talking like I've been using the Equate brand from Target for 29.5 years.
(Yes even as a baby and toddler I bought my own face wash.)
So this is a business where I'm learning a TON.

-I'm not going to Liam Neison you into buying or joining my business. I do not have a particular set of skills to hunt you and find you, but I will talk to you about the products and share the opportunities this company can give you.

-I will bat my eyelashes at you, when you ask if Lash Boost really works, and say, "Yeah Dawg."

-I will listen to what you might want to change about your skin, and help find the best products.

But overall, with this new perspective,
I'm also going to start celebrating other people more, and stop being such a negative nelly about other people's success. It's way cooler to be encouraging of everyone's progress.
Plus frowning gives you wrinkles.

I gotta take another piece of advice from my girl A.P. and come from this perspective:

And if you ever think that you can't do something or that you're not brave enough, just remember this:
If Nick Viall is brave enough to wear a chunky turtleneck on television, you can be brave too.

P.S. If you have any questions or want to learn more, my Virtual Business Launch is TONIGHT! (Sunday May 7th at 8pm) on FB.
If you want to "go" just send me an email or comment below and I'll send you an invite.
If you want to look at the products go here: R+F and if you have any questions email me at:


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